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International meeting

Second St.Petersburg Days of

devoted to the centennial of
Andrey Andreevich MARKOV (Jr.)

August 24-26, 2003    St.Petersburg, Russia

Program Committee

FAX: 7 (812) 310 53 77

Local Organizing Committee

FAX: 7 (812) 234 58 19
  • Sergei ADIAN (Russia)
  • Sergei ARTEMOV (Russia/USA)
  • Nikolai KOSOVSKII (Russia)
  • Maurice MARGENSTERN (France)
  • Grigori MINTS (USA)
  • Yuri MATIYASEVICH (Russia), the chairman
  • Nikolai NAGORNY (Russia)
  • Vladimir OREVKOV (Russia)
  • Anatol SLISSENKO (France)
  • Andrey BOVYKIN
  • Evgeny DANTSIN
  • Edward HIRSCH
  • Dmitri KARPOV
  • Yuri MATIYASEVICH (Head)
  • Elena NOVIKOVA
  • Vladimir OREVKOV
  • Alexei PASTOR

   The following e-mail address can be used for all correspondence
   connected with Second St.Petersburg Days of LOGIC and COMPUTABILITY:

This conference will be organized by Laboratory of Mathematical Logic of Peterburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics

The conference will be hosted by Euler International Mathematical Institute

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