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The aim of this page is to promote research connected with the negative solution of Hilbert's Tenth Problem. The negative solution of this problem and the developed techniques have a lot of applications in theory of algorithms, algebra, number theory, model theory, proof theory and in theoretical computer science.

You can find here:

  1. The original statement of Hilbert's Tenth Problem and its translation into different languages.
  2. History of the problem.
  3. Bibliography.
  4. Homepage of a book about the problem written by Yury Matiyasevich .
  5. Glossary.
  6. The Journal.
  7. Conferences and meetings devoted to Hilbert's Tenth Problem and related subjects.
  8. Film about Hilbert's Tenth Problem.
  9. Records of Hilbert's Tenth Problem.
  10. Portrait gallery (David Hilbert, Julia Robinson, Martin Davis, Yuri Matiyasevich).
  11. Links to other related WWW-sites.

This page was created by Maxim Vsemirnov under supervision of Yuri Matiyasevich .

Last modified: March 14, 2007

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