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First St.Petersburg Days

Second announcement

Petersburg Division of Steklov Institute of Mathematics (POMI) organizes together with St.Petersburg State University regular DAYS of LOGIC and COMPUTABILITY. The first such meeting will be held on May 26--29, 1999 and will be dedicated to Nikolai Alexandrovich SHANIN who was born on May 25, 1919. Respectively, the preferable topics for these DAYS are those connected with scientific interests of N.A.Shanin, that is, automatic deduction and foundations of mathematics, especially constructive trends in mathematics.

There will be three working days (May 26-28) with presentations of papers and one day (May 29) with an excursion and celebration of the anniversary of N.A.Shanin.

The Program Committee consists of N.A.Shanin's disciples and colleagues:

The chairman of the local Organizing Committee is E.Dantsin .

For submission of papers we decided to use facilities of Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts . If you wish to present a paper, please, submit as soon as possible an (extended) abstract via

Your text (either plain ASCII or TeX) will immediately become available to everyone via

This will be done automatically and doesn't imply acceptance of the paper. The Program Committee will notify you about acceptance/rejection of your paper not later than March 15, 1999.

Papers for oral presentation during the DAYS could have been delivered/published earlier somewhere else. However, only original submissions will be published in a special issue of some regular journal (now presumably "Theoretical Computer Science") after standard refereeing procedure. The deadline for submission of full papers is September 30, 1999.

Participation fee equivalent to US $100 should be paid on arrival. It could be reduced for participants from countries in difficult economic situation.

The meeting will take place in the building of the Euler International Mathematical Institute (EIMI) . We suggest that all participants stay in nearby hotel of LDM ("Lenigradskii Dvorets Molodezhi") which is the standard place of living for visitors to the EIMI. Current prices (can be slightly different in May) are as follows (breakfast is not included!):

Apartment Prices for NIS citizens Other countries
per apartment per person per apartment per person
Single-room for one person 200 roubles   $15.5  
Single-room for two person 120 roubles 60 roubles    
180 roubles 90 roubles $15 $7.5
220 roubles 110 roubles $18 $9
500 roubles   $30  
Single-room for three person 180 roubles 60 roubles $12 $4
Two-rooms for one person 600 roubles   $35  
Two-rooms for two persons 240 roubles 120 roubles $15 $7.5
260 roubles 130 roubles $18 $9
320 roubles 160 roubles $20 $10
Three-rooms for two persons 800 roubles   $44  
Three-rooms for three persons 900 roubles   $48  

Every apartment is furnished with a shower and lavatory.

The LDM Hotel accepts MasterCard and VISA but not VISA Electron).

Please, take into account that the end of May is high tourist season so rooms should be booked early enough (preferably 1.5-2 months in advance). You can do it directly or we can do it for you (please, inform us if you are going to share the room with particular person). If you prefer to stay in more/less expensive hotel/flat, let us know too.

You can register either on-line via

or by filling in and e-mailing the registration form. Upon registration, the Organizing Committee will send official invitation required for application for a visa. This process takes some time so we suggest that you register immediately, that is even before confirmation of acceptance of your paper.

All correspondence connected with the DAYS should be addressed to

For further details visit WWW pages:

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