Genome Rearrangements: from Biological Problems to Combinatorial Algorithms (Pavel Pevzner, University of California at San Diego, USA)

CourseComputer Science семинар (осень 2010)
DateThursday, December 9, 2010 - 18:30 - 20:55

Recent breakthroughs in the next-generation DNA sequencing fueled the genomics studies and revealed that some classical biological theories may be incomplete or even incorrect. I describe three controversial and hotly debated topics: Whole Genome Duplications, Random Breakage Model of Chromosome Evolution, and Mammalian Evolution, and three related challenging algorithmic problems: Genome Halving Problem, Breakpoint Re-Use Problem, and Ancestral Genome Reconstruction Problem. I further describe the "Multi-Break Rearrangements" framework that simplified analysis of these biological problems, led to efficient algorithmic solutions, and provided new evolutionary insights.

Second part of the presentation:


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