Practical Info

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  • Venue
    The conference is held in the Academic University (AU) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Workshops are held on June 12-13 in St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PDMI). On June 14-18, at 8:30 in the morning there will be a shuttle from main entrance of the Oktyabrskaya hotel to AU.

  • Getting to AU
    Please note that if you have registered as a regular participant we will meet you at the airport (in this case please make sure that you send us your arrival time).
    • By taxi
      Order a car to Khlopina 8 corpus 3 (in Russian: улица Хлопина, дом 8 корпус 3).
    • By public transport
      Go to the Ploshchad Muzhestva (in Russian: Площадь Мужества) subway station and use the map below.

      1. Get off the subway and turn right. 2. Go straight ahead along the road. 3. Pass by the cafe "Mix".
      4. Pass by the sports complex "Polytechnic". 5. Turn right when you see a sign "Академический Университет" (Academic University). 6. Go through the gate.
      7. Go straight ahead to the main entrance of the conference building.
  • Getting to PDMI
    The address of Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute (PDMI) is Fontanka 27 (in Russian: наб. р. Фонтанки, дом 27) — just near the cross of Nevskii prospekt and Fontanka river. It can be reached in 10-15 minutes walking from the following subway stations: Gostinnii Dvor, Nevskii prospekt, Moyakovskaya, Ploschad Vosstaniya. The closest one is Gostinnii dvor. The map below shows a way from Ploschad' Vosstaniya to PDMI.

    Просмотреть увеличенную карту
  • On the AU campus
    Here is the plan of the AU campus with three paths shown.
    • The blue path goes from the gate to the hotel.
    • The green path goes from the gate to the conference building.
    • The red path goes from the hotel to the conference building.

    1. The entrance gate to the campus. 2. The entrance to the conference building. 3. The entrance to the hotel.

  • Internet
    WiFi setting near the conference room in Academic University:
    network: WirelessForAll or School
    Port: 3128

  • Useful links
    Currency rate.
    Places of interest on, on wikitravel.

  • Where to eat
    Below is an incomplete list of cafes and restaurants close to AU.

    Просмотреть Cafe на карте большего размера

    nameaddressaverage billnotes
    Pirogovyi dvorikNear Politehnicheskaya metro station300 RURrussian cuisine, pies
    MorisToreza, 21800 RURrestaurant
    MixAt the corner of Khlopina and Politehnicheskaya400 RURcafe
    VodopadTihoretskij 2/2800 RURsmall bistro/restaurant
    ArizonaKhlopina st. 5500 RURrestaurant, sushi menu

    There are much more restaurants in the city center. There are lots of them between the subway stations Ploschad Vosstanyia, Nevskiy prospekt and Sennaya ploschad.

    Просмотреть Restraunts near PDMI на карте большего размера
    nameaddressopen hoursnotes
    Ideal'naya ChashkaVladimirsky Prospekt, 17:00-23:00cafe
    DostoevskyVladimirsky prospect, 9Russian and French cuisine
    TarkhunKaravannaya, 1412:00-23:00Caucasian cuisine
    Chainaya lozhkaNevskiy, 4409:00-22:00cafe
    Elki-PalkiNevskiy, 8824/7Bistro

  • Excursion
    On 15th June, we will have an excursion to Pushkin. The bus will pick up the conference participants at the entrance gate to the AU campus at 14:15.
    The Catherine Palace The Amber Room

  • Conference dinner
    The conference dinner starts at 19:00 on 17th June at the Lesnoe cafe, Politehnicheskaya, 29. The two nearest subway stations are Politehnicheskaya and Ploschad Muzhestva.

    Просмотреть Lesnoe на карте большего размера

  • Transportation
    • Underground
      After you enter the St. Petersburg underground you can unlimitedly move inside, paying only once, on entrance. A single-trip token costs 25 rubles and goes into a special slot on a subway turnstile. Another option is a smart card with some preset number of trips; to pass, you should bring it to the white circle located on top of the turnstile. If you need more trips, you can extend your card in the ticket window at any time (25 rubles/trip, a little cheaper if you buy many trips).
      Please, do not take photos or record videos in the underground: it is prohibited and may cause trouble with the police. It is a good idea to stick to the right side of the moving stairway – those in a hurry come rushing down the left side. The doors are automatic, so in case of a crowd, watch out not to get your clothes stuck.

    • Municipal routes
      In municipal buses (numbers without letters T or K), trams, and trolley-buses you should pay a ticket-collector (he/she will most often wear a red arm-band and orange jacket). One ticket costs 21 rubles.
      NB: You do not need to punch the ticket.
      NB: This transport has only regular stops and you can not get out wherever you want, so do not try to find a stop-button or pull the emergency brake.
      NB: It does not matter which door you use to come in or out except buses without ticket-collector: in such situation you should pay a driver and leave through front door (you won't get mistaken because in these buses only the front door opens at first, and the other doors open when passengers have already left the bus).

    • Commercial routes
      In commercial buses (marked by letters T or K) you should also pay a ticket-collector, while in minibuses you pay the driver when you enter. At some (bigger) buses you pay the driver when you exit. The price depends on the line (usually 30 rubles), and it is always clearly marked on a label.

    • Taxi
      Taxi can be ordered by calling these numbers:
      +7 (812) 324 77 77
      +7 (812) 700 00 00
      +7 (812) 600 00 00

  • Phone calls
    You may get a temporary local mobile phone number for 200-300 roubles - you need only your passport for this. It can be done in any communication service, for instance there is one called "Евросеть" (EVROSET') near the Ploshad Muzhsestva subway station. As for the service providers, Megafon and MTS provide slightly better coverage (no difference in the city, but far-away suburbs may get better reception), while Beeline and TELE2 are cheaper.

  • Places of interest
    There are a lot of places of interest in St. Petersburg. Only a few examples are given below.
    Kazan Cathedral St Isaac's Cathedral The Peter and Paul Fortress
    The State Hermitage Museum The Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theater The Bronze Horseman
  • The most important Don'ts
    • do not drink unboiled water from the tap;
    • do not buy anything (especially alcohol) in the street;
    • do not exchange currency with private dealers;
    • do not walk alone late at the night in unpopulated streets;
    • do not cross the road in inappropriate places (the drivers are absolutely not polite) and be careful even when a crossing is marked.

  • Contacts
    • Alexander Kulikov: +7 911 240 9485
    • Alexander Smal: +7 921 335 5537
    • Alexander Golovnev: +7 981 811 3927
    • Ivan Bliznets: +7 911 774 5162
    • AU hotel: +7 812 448 69 99
    • Emergency calls: 112 (free from any mobile phone and phones in the street)