The CSR conference will be held at Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education by Poncelet Laboratory of Independent University of Moscow.
The address is Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy Pereulok 11, see directions on official site.
The conference talks will be held in the MCCME Conference room, which is located at the 4th floor and has room number 401. If you take the leftmost staircase from the first floor, room 401 will be just to the right when you come to the 4th floor.

New directions in cryptography will also be held in the MCCME Conference room.

Extremal graph theory will be held in Yandex (Extropolis hall), Lva Tolstogo street 16.

PSSV will be held in room 311 of Higher School of Economics. The address is Myasnickaya 20.

CTCrypt will be held in "Pansionat Klyazma" near Moscow (Пансионат «Клязьма», Московская область, Мытищинский р-н, п. Поведники)

Getting to Moscow from the airport: There are three international airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo. The best way of getting to Moscow is a non-stop rail service called Aeroexpress. One ride costs 400 rubles, approx. $12 (or 340 rub., approx. $10 if paid by Mastercard PayPass or VISA PayWave at platform gates. In this case you will not get any receipt). It is possible to buy a round trip Aeroexpress ticket, but it would not be cheaper. You may find the complete list of fares at the Aeroexpress site.

The Aeroexpress schedules are also available from their official site: [ Sheremetyevo | Domodedovo | Vnukovo ]. The point of arrival is a rail terminal, which is connected to a subway station: Belorusskaya for Sheremetyevo, Paveletskaya for Domodedovo, and Kievskaya for Vnukovo.

A taxi from an airport to Moscow would cost $50 or more, and during the weekdays it can be very slow due to traffic jams. If you need a taxi from the airport we may order it for you in advance, a driver will meet you in Arrivals zone with a sign. They accept VISA and MasterCard. To use this service please write to Daniil Musatov ( and specify your flight, your hotel and other details. In any case order taxi only at counters of official carriers, do not respond to annoying offers of private drivers. There also exists a combined Aeroexpress + Taxi service with fixed fares, but it may require a Russian cell phone to meet the driver.

Transportation inside Moscow: The main mode of transport in Moscow is Moscow metro (subway). You may use an online interactive map to get directions. Other modes of public transport include bus, trolleybus and tramway. The optimal way to pay during short visits is Troika card, a stored-value card similar to Oyster Card or Metrocard. It is sold at metro cash desks and may be recharged at ticket machines. The card itself costs 50 rubles which may be returned back at a cash desk before departure. One ride in the subway costs 28 rubles, one ride at a surface transport costs 26 rubles, and also there is a combined fare of 44 rubles for 90-minute journey consisting of one subway ride and any number of bus/trolleybus/tramway rides.

Recommended hotels

See also the wikitravel page about Moscow.


You may find a lot of cafes and restaurants on Arbat pedestrian street near the conference site. Here is a (non-complete) annotated list with hyperlinks to English web pages where available.


Fast Food:
  • McDonald's: Arbat, 52
  • Wendy's: Arbat, 16
  • Tan Tuni, turkish fast food: Arbat, 36
Free Flaw:
  • (Recommended!) Mu-Mu, home cooking cuisine and grill; business lunches 250 rub., dinners 500-700 rub.
    • Arbat, 45 (closest to MCCME)
    • Karmanitskiy per., 9 (near Smolenskaya metro station)
    • Arbat, 4 (near Arbatskaya metro station)
Soviet style cafes:
  • (Recommended!) Varenichnaya #1, specialized on vareniki (stuffed dumplings), 1950's style interior, dinners 500-700 rub., Arbat, 29
  • Cheburechnaya #1, specialized on chebureki (meat pastry), dinners 300-500 rub., Arbat, 31
Coffee houses:
  • (Recommended!) Shokoladnitsa, coffee ~200 rub., sandwiches ~230 rub., main dishes ~300 rub., Arbat, 44 and Arbat, 29
  • Le Pain Quotidien, coffee ~200 rub., tapas 150-500 rub., main dishes 300-600 rub., Arbat, 32 and Novinskiy Blvd, 7
  • Starbucks, Arbat, 19
Various restaurants:
  • Bosphor, Turkish cuisine, business lunch on weekdays 400 rub., Arbat, 47
  • Vostochnyi Kvartal (Oriental District), Uzbek cuisine, Arbat, 45
  • Kruzhka (Mug), beer restaurant and sports bar, Arbat, 36
  • Todase, Sushi and world cuisine, Arbat, 34
  • Beverly Hills Diner, Californian style diner, Arbat, 21
  • Blue trolleybus, a small cafe dedicated to Russian bards (singer-songwriters), with live concerts and video translations, Arbat, 14