Accepted Papers

  1. Alexander Kozachinskiy. Making Randomness Public in Unbounded-round Information Complexity
  2. Alexander V. Karzanov and Maxim A. Babenko. A combinatorial algorithm for the planar multiflow problem with demands located on three holes
  3. Violetta Lonati, Dino Mandrioli, Federica Panella and Matteo Pradella. First-order Logic Characterization of Free Languages
  4. Vincent Penelle. Rewriting Higher-Order Stack Trees
  5. Nathann Cohen, Daniel Gon├žalves, Eun Jung Kim, Christophe Paul, Ignasi Sau, Dimitrios Thilikos and Mathias Weller. A Polynomial-time Algorithm for Outerplanar Diameter Improvement
  6. Volker Diekert, Florent Martin, Geraud Senizergues and Pedro V. Silva. Equations over free inverse monoids with idempotent variables
  7. Martin Zimmermann. Delay Games with WMSO+U Winning Conditions
  8. Alexander Knop. Circuit Lower Bounds for Average-Case MA
  9. Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo and Christoph Benzm├╝ller. Interacting with Modal Logics in the Coq Proof Assistant
  10. Stefan Edelkamp, Amr Elmasry and Jyrki Katajainen. An In-Place Priority Queue with O(1) Time for Push and lg n + O(1) Comparisons for Pop
  11. Claudia Carapelle, Shiguang Feng, Alexander Kartzow and Markus Lohrey. Satisfiability of ECTL with tree constraints
  12. Dmitry Sokolov, Dmitry Itsykson and Mikhail Slabodkin. Resolution complexity of perfect matching principles for sparse graphs
  13. Simone Bova and Friedrich Slivovsky. On Compiling Structured CNFs to OBDDs
  14. Alexey Milovanov. Some properties of antistochastic strings
  15. Konrad Kazimierz Dabrowski, Petr Golovach, Pim Van 'T Hof, Daniel Paulusma and Dimitrios Thilikos. Editing to a planar graph of given degrees
  16. Julien Cassaigne, Juhani Karhumaki and Aleksi Saarela. On growth and fluctuation of k-abelian complexity
  17. Jozef Jirasek, Galina Jiraskova and Alexander Szabari. Operations on Self-Verifying Finite Automata
  18. N.S. Narayanaswamy and Rahul Cs. Approximation and Exact Algorithms for special cases of Connected $f$-Factors
  19. Mikhail Barash and Alexander Okhotin. Generalized LR parsing for grammars with contexts
  20. Manfred Droste and Vitaly Perevoshchikov. A Logical Characterization of Timed Pushdown Languages
  21. Antonis Achilleos. NEXP-completeness and Universal Hardness Results for Justification Logic
  22. Fairouz Kamareddine, Joe Wells and Daniel Ventura. The Barendregt Cube with the Automath type inclusion
  23. Marina Maslennikova and Emanuele Rodaro. Representation of (Left) Ideal Regular Languages by Synchronizing Automata
  24. Florian Zuleger. Asymptotically Precise Ranking Functions for Deterministic Size-change Systems
  25. Mateus de Oliveira Oliveira. On the Satisfiability of Quantum Circuits of Small Treewidth