Wednesday, June 8
18:30–20:302 hoursWELCOME RECEPTION
Thursday, June 9
08:30–09:301 hourRegistration
09:30–10:301 hour OPENING LECTURE: Christos H. Papadimitriou. Algorithm as a scientific Weltanschauung
10:30–11:0030 minCoffee break
11:00–11:3030 min Meena Mahajan and Nitin Saurabh. Some Complete and Intermediate Polynomials in Algebraic Complexity Theory
11:30–12:0030 min Meena Mahajan and Anuj Tawari. Sums of read-once formulas: How many summands suffice?
12:00–12:3030 min Hing Yin Tsang, Ning Xie and Shengyu Zhang. Fourier Sparsity of GF(2) Polynomials
12:30–14:302 hoursLunch
14:30–15:0030 min Alexander Kozachinskiy. On Slepian – Wolf Theorem with Interaction
15:00–15:3030 min Partha Mukhopadhyay. Depth-4 Identity Testing and Noether's Normalization Lemma
15:30–16:0030 minCoffee break
16:00–16:3030 min Andris Ambainis, Krisjanis Prusis and Jevgenijs Vihrovs. Sensitivity versus Certificate Complexity of Boolean Functions
16:30–17:0030 min Mike Behrisch, Miki Hermann, Stefan Mengel and Gernot Salzer. The Next Whisky Bar
Friday, June 10
09:30–10:301 hour INVITED TALK: Vladimir Kolmogorov. Complexity classifications of Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problems
10:30–11:0030 minCoffee break
11:00–11:3030 min Sajin Koroth and Shankar Balachandran. Subclasses of Baxter Permutations Based on Pattern Avoidance
11:30–12:0030 min Arno Pauly and Florian Steinberg. Representations of analytic functions and Weihrauch degrees
12:00–12:3030 min Victor Y. Pan and Liang Zhao. Low-rank Approximation of a Matrix: Novel Insights, New Progress, and Extensions
12:30–14:001,5 hoursLunch
14:00–19:004 hours SOCIAL PROGRAM: excursion to Peterhof
Saturday, June 11
09:30–10:301 hourINVITED TALK: Virginia Vassilevska Williams. Fine-Grained Algorithms and Complexity
10:30–11:0030 minCoffee break
11:00–11:3030 min Zeev Nutov. Improved approximation algorithms for min-cost connectivity augmentation problems
11:30–12:0030 min Daniel Moeller, Ramamohan Paturi and Stefan Schneider. Subquadratic Algorithms for Succinct Stable Matching
12:00–12:3030 min Alexey Milovanov. Algorithmic statistics: normal objects and universal models
12:30–14:302 hoursLunch
14:30–15:0030 min Rene Van Bevern and Artem V. Pyatkin. Completing partial schedules for Open Shop with unit processing times and routing
15:00–15:3030 min Katerina Bohmova, Matus Mihalak, Tobias Proger, Gustavo Sacomoto and Marie-France Sagot. Computing and Listing st-Paths in Public Transportation Networks
15:30–16:0030 min Joan Boyar, Leah Epstein, Lene M. Favrholdt, Kim S. Larsen and Asaf Levin. Online Bounded Analysis
16:00–16:3030 minBUSINESS MEETING
Sunday, June 12
09:30–10:301 hour INVITED TALK: Orna Kupferman.On High-Quality Synthesis
10:30–11:0030 minCoffee break
11:00–11:3030 min Alexander Rabinovich. On expressive power of Regular expressions over infinite orders
11:30–12:0030 min Alexander Okhotin. The hardest language for conjunctive grammars
12:00–12:3030 min Tim Smith. Prediction of Infinite Words with Automata
12:30–14:302 hoursLunch
14:30–15:0030 min Manfred Kufleitner and Tobias Walter. Level Two of the Quantifier Alternation Hierarchy over Infinite Words
15:00–15:3030 min Manfred Kufleitner and Jan Philipp Wachter. The Word Problem for Omega-Terms over the Trotter-Weil Hierarchy
15:30–16:0030 minLaurent Bartholdi. Algorithmic decidability of Engel's property for automaton groups
16:00–16:3030 minCoffee break
16:30–17:0030 min Alejandro Diaz-Caro and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. Affine computation and affine automaton
17:00–17:3030 min Patricia Bouyer, Thomas Brihaye, Pierre Carlier and Quentin Menet. Compositional Design of Stochastic Timed Automata
19:00–22:003 hoursCONFERENCE DINNER
Monday, June 13
09:30–10:301 hour INVITED TALK: Herbert Edelsbrunner. Topological Data Analysis with Bregman Divergences
10:30–11:0030 minCoffee break
11:00–11:3030 min Rene Van Bevern, Vincent Froese and Christian Komusiewicz. Parameterizing edge modification problems above lower bounds
11:30–12:0030 min Manuel Bodirsky and Marcello Mamino. Max-Closed Semilinear Constraint Satisfaction
12:00–12:3030 minCoffee break
12:30–13:0030 min Petr Golovach and George Mertzios. Graph Editing to a Given Degree Sequence
13:00–13:3030 min Toshihiro Fujito and Tomoaki Shimoda. On Approximating (Connected) 2-Edge Dominating Set by a Tree