Travel Info

From Kazan International Airport, you can get to Kazan Federal University (city center) by taxi or regular train.

We suggest two kinds of taxies:

1. Taxi of the airport. You can find the taxi reception desk in the airport. Here you can find English service, pay by card and get bill. Price is about 1100 rub. (18 Euros)

2. Uber (web site, for Android, for iPhone), Gett, (web site, download applications) and local Taxi Tatarstan (for Android, for iPhone, for Windows Phone, tel:+7843-567-1-567),
RuTaxi (for Android, for iPhone, for Windows Phone). Here we can not guarantee that driver speaks English and gives you bill, but you can pay by card using smartphone application. Price is about 400-500 Rub (7-8 Euro)

You can use a train (schedule in Russian) from Airport to Kazan railway terminal-1.

From Kazan Railway Terminal-1, you can use city bus 10, 30, 23. Get Bus from Railway terminal bus-stop (near park) and go to Tukay square bus stop (about 20-25 minutes) and then walk about 10 minutes to the university. Or you can walk about 20-25 minutes.

From Kazan Railway Terminal-2, you can get metro and go to Tukay square station (about 20 minutes). And than walk about 10 minutes to the university.

Good off-line map for your smartphone is 2Gis (for Android, for iPhone)

All events will be in Second building of Kazan Federal University (Kremlevskaya str, 35). Here scheme how to go from main building to Second building:

More detailed map is here: