Accepted Papers

Adria Gascon, Markus Lohrey, Sebastian Maneth, Carl Philipp Reh and Kurt Sieber
Grammar-based compression of unranked trees

Alexander Kozachinskiy
Recognizing Read-Once Functions from Depth-Three Formulas

Alexander Rubtsov and Mikhail Vyalyi
On Emptiness and Membership Problems for Set Automata

Artur Riazanov
On the decision trees with symmetries

Daniel Genkin, Michael Kaminski and Liat Peterfreund
Closure under reversal of languages over infinite alphabets

Dishant Goyal, Ashwin Jacob, Kaushtubh Kumar, Diptapriyo Majumdar and Venkatesh Raman
Structural Parameterizations of Dominating Set Variants

Dominik Wojtczak
On Strong NP-Completeness of Rational Problems

Etienne Moutot and Pascal Vanier
Slopes of 3-dimensional Subshifts of Finite Type

Funda Ergun, Elena Grigorescu, Erfan Sadeqi Azer and Samson Zhou
Periodicity in Data Streams with Wildcards

Giuseppe F. Italiano, Yannis Manoussakis, Nguyen Kim Thang and Hong Phong Pham
Maximum colorful cycles in vertex-colored graphs

Jayakrishnan Madathil, Saket Saurabh and Meirav Zehavi
Max-Cut Above Spanning Tree is Fixed Parameter Tractable

Laurent Bulteau, Danny Hermelin, Anthony Labarre and Stéphane Vialette
The Clever Shopper Problem

Leonid Barenboim and Victor Khazanov
Distributed Symmetry-Breaking Algorithms for Congested Cliques

Michal Hospodár, Galina Jiraskova and Ivana Krajňáková
Operations on Boolean and Alternating Finite Automata

Michał Karpiński and Krzysztof Piecuch
On vertex coloring without monochromatic triangles

Ning Xie, Shuai Xu and Yekun Xu
A New Algorithm for Finding Closest Pair of Vectors

Niranka Banerjee, Venkatesh Raman and Srinivasa Rao Satti
Maintaining chordal graphs dynamically: improved upper and lower bounds

N.S. Narayanaswamy, Meghana Nasre and Vijayaragunathan Ramamoorthi
Facility location on planar graphs with unreliable links

Pallavi Jain, Lawqueen Kanesh and Pranabendu Misra
Conflict Free Version of Covering Problems on Graphs: Classical and Parameterized

Rahul Jain, Hartmut Klauck, Srijita Kundu, Troy Lee, Miklos Santha, Swagato Sanyal and Jevgēnijs Vihrovs
Quadratically Tight Relations for Randomized Query Complexity

Rajesh Chitnis and Andreas Emil Feldmann
A Tight Lower Bound for Steiner Orientation

Rajesh Chitnis and Nimrod Talmon
Can We Create Large k-Cores by Adding Few Edges?

Sören Henning, Klaus Jansen, Malin Rau and Lars Schmarje
Complexity and Inapproximability Results for Parallel Task Scheduling and Strip Packing

Viliam Geffert
Complement for Two-Way Alternating Automata