CSR proceedings are available at (LNCS 11532) in free access till July 25, 2019


Time Talk Speaker
18:00-20:00Welcome Reception, Registration.       See the university map for location
08:30-09:30Registration.       See the university map
09:30-10:30Invited talk: Two HeresiesMichael Fellows
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30On the Parameterized Complexity of Edge-Linked PathsNeeldhara Misra, Fahad Panolan, and Saket Saurabh
11:30-12:00Parameterized Complexity of Conflict-Free Set Cover Ashwin Jacob, Diptapriyo Majumdar, and Venkatesh Raman
12:00-12:30Uniform CSP Parameterized by Solution Size is in W[1]Ruhollah Majdoddin
12:30-13:00The Parameterized Complexity of Dominating Set and Friends RevisitedNeeldhara Misra and Piyush Rathi
14:30-15:00On the Complexity of Mixed Dominating SetJayakrishnan Madathil, Fahad Panolan, Abhishek Sahu, and Saket Saurabh
15:00-15:30A Space-efficient Parametrized Algorithm for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem by Dynamic AlgebraziationMahdi Belbasi and Martin Fürer
15:30-16:00Coffee break
16:00-16:30Minimizing Branching Vertices in Distance-preserving SubgraphsKshitij Gajjar and Jaikumar Radhakrishnan
16:30-17:00Sybil-Resilient Conductance-Based Community ExpansionNimrod Talmon, Ehud Shapiro, Gal Shahaf, and Ouri Poupko
17:00-17:30On Induced Online Ramsey Number of Paths, Cycles, and TreesVáclav Blažej, Tomáš Valla, and Pavel Dvořák
09:00-9:30 Joint PSI + CSR session.
Welcome speech.
09:30-10:30Joint PSI + CSR session. Invited talk.
Automated-Reasoning Revolution: From Theory to Practice and Back
Moshe Vardi
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-12:00 Joint PSI + CSR session. Invited talk.
Fintech and Its Scientific Drivers
Andrew Yao
13:30-14:30Invited talk: QBF Proof Complexity: an OverviewMeena Mahajan
14:30-15:00Coffee break
15:00-15:30On Tseitin formulas, read-once branching programs and treewidth Ludmila Glinskih and Dmitry Itsykson
15:30-16:00Notes on resolution over linear equationsSvyatoslav Gryaznov
16:00-16:30On Decidability of Regular Languages TheoriesSergey Dudakov and Boris Karlov
16:30-17:00A Polynomial Time Delta-Decomposition Algorithm for Positive DNFsDenis Ponomaryov
09:30-10:30Invited Talk: Schnyder woods and the combinatorics of triangulations in genus 0 and 1Eric Fusy
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30 Transition property for cube-free wordsElena Petrova and Arseny Shur
11:30-12:00Forward Looking Huffman CodingShmuel Tomi Klein, Shoham Saadia and Dana Shapira
12:00-12:30Eventually dendric shiftsFrancesco Dolce and Dominique Perrin
12:30-13:00AND Protocols Using Only Uniform ShufflesSuthee Ruangwises and Toshiya Itoh
14:30-16:00Business meeting
18:30-21:00Conference Dinner
09:30-10:30Invited Talk: 2-Connectivity in Directed Graphs Giuseppe Italiano
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30Unpopularity Factor in the Marriage and Roommates ProblemsSuthee Ruangwises and Toshiya Itoh
11:30-12:00Belga B-treesErik D. Demaine, John Iacono, Grigorios Koumoutsos, and Stefan Langerman
12:00-12:30Reconstructing a convex polygon from its omega-cloudElena Arseneva, Prosenjit Bose, Jean-Lou De Carufel, and Sander Verdonschot
14:00-15:00Invited Talk: Sketching as a Tool for Numerical Linear AlgebraDavid Woodruff
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:00Derandomization for sliding window algorithms with strict correctnessMarkus Lohrey, Moses Ganardi and Danny Hucke
16:00-16:30Approximations of Schatten Norms via Taylor ExpansionsVladimir Braverman
16:30-17:00Quantum Algorithm for Distribution-Free Junta TestingAleksandrs Belovs
17:00-17:30Matched instances of Quantum Sat (QSat) -- Product state solutions of restrictionsAndreas Goerdt
17:30-18:00On the Quantum and Classical Complexity of Solving Subtraction GamesDmitry Kravchenko, Kamil Khadiev, and Danil Serov
09:30-10:30Invited Talk: Interval Edge-Colorings of Graphs: Variations and Generalizations Petros Petrosyan
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30On the Complexity of RestartingJan-Hendrik Lorenz
11:30-12:00Approximability and Inapproximability for Maximum k-Edge-Colored Clustering Problem Yousef Alhamdan and Alexander Kononov
12:00-12:30The Non-Hardness of Approximating Circuit SizeEric Allender, Rahul Ilango and Neekon Vafa
14:00-15:00Invited Talk: A proof of CSP Dichotomy Conjecture Dmitriy Zhuk
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:00Nearly Linear Time Isomorphism Algorithms for Some Nonabelian Group ClassesBireswar Das and Shivdutt Sharma
16:00-16:30Undecidable word problem in subshift automorphism groupsPierre Guillon, Emmanuel Jeandel, Jarkko Kari, and Pascal Vanier
16:30-17:00Computational Complexity of Real Powering and Solving Linear Differential EquationsIvan Adrian Koswara, Svetlana Selivanova, and Martin Ziegler