Accepted Papers

CSR proceedings are available at (LNCS 12730) in free access till July 21st.

Austen Z. Fan and Jin-Yi Cai. Dichotomy Result on 3-Regular Bipartite Non-negative Functions
Zeev Nutov. Approximation algorithms for connectivity augmentation problems
Zeev Nutov. On rooted $k$-connectivity problems in quasi-bipartite digraphs
Pranjal Dutta. Real tau-Conjecture for sum-of-squares: A unified approach to lower bound and derandomization
Johan M. M. Van Rooij. A Generic Convolution Algorithm for Join Operations on Tree Decompositions
Augusto Modanese. Lower Bounds and Hardness Magnification for Sublinear-Time Shrinking Cellular Automata
Paweł Parys. Shelah-Stupp's and Muchnik's Iterations Revisited
Nikolay Proskurin. On Separation between the Degree of a Boolean Function and the Block Sensitivity
Florent Koechlin and Pablo Rotondo. Analysis of an efficient reduction algorithm for random regular expressions based on universality detection
Shuo Pang. Large clique is hard on average for resolution
Klaus Meer. A PCP of proximity for Real Algebraic Polynomials
Prasad Chaugule, Nutan Limaye and Shourya Pandey. Variants of the Determinant Polynomial and the VP-completeness
Ning Xie, Shuai Xu and Yekun Xu. A Generalization of a Theorem of Rothschild and van Lint
Vaibhav Krishan. Upper Bound for Torus Polynomials
Anna Gal and Ridwan Syed. Upper Bounds on Communication in terms of Approximate Rank
Samir Datta, Anuj Tawari and Yadu Vasudev. Dynamic Complexity of Expansion
Vladimir Shenmaier. Approximation and Complexity of the Capacitated Geometric Median Problem
Zuguang Gao, John R. Birge and Varun Gupta. Approximation Schemes for Multiperiod Binary Knapsack Problems
Jan Bok, Nikola Jedličková, Barnaby Martin, Daniel Paulusma and Siani Smith. Injective Colouring for H-Free Graphs
Alexander Okhotin and Victor Selivanov. Input-driven pushdown automata on well-nested infinite strings
Xuangui Huang and Emanuele Viola. Average-case rigidity lower bounds
Olga Parshina and Svetlana Puzynina. On closed-rich words
Alexey Milovanov. Predictions and algorithmic statistics for infinite sequences
Ivan Adrian Koswara, Gleb Pogudin, Svetlana Selivanova and Martin Ziegler. Bit-Complexity of Systems of Linear Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations
Purnata Ghosal and Raghavendra Rao B V. Limitations of Sums of Bounded Read Formulas and ABPs
Markus Holzer and Christian Rauch. On the Computational Complexity of Reaction Systems, Revisited (Extended Abstract)
Manon Blanc and Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen. Computational Complexity of Multi-Player Evolutionarily Stable Strategies
Hiroto Koyama, Daiki Miyahara, Takaaki Mizuki and Hideaki Sone. A Secure Three-input AND Protocol with a Standard Deck of Minimal Cards