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Call for participation
International meeting
June 7-9, 2002 St.Petersburg, Russia
For a detailed description of what are "Weak Arithmetics" visit
The meeting will cover traditional topics of the "Days" such as:
  • Provability in weak arithmetics
  • Definability in weak arithmetics
  • Weak arithmetics and model theory
  • Decidability/undecidability of weak logical theories
  • Modelling computations in the frameworks of weak arithmetics
  • Weak arithmetics and computational complexity
  • Computer science applications of weak arithmetics
Besides them a special session will be organized on:
  • Coding and processing information in biological systems
  • Patrick CEGIELSKI  Université Paris 12, IUT de Fontainebleau
  • Jean-Pierre RESSAYRE  CNRS, Jussieu
  • Denis RICHARD  Universite d'Auvergne, IUT de Clermont
  • Paola d'AQUINO (Italy)
  • Anatoly BELTIUKOV (Russia)
  • Patrick CEGIELSKI (France)
  • Gregory KUCHEROV (France)
  • Krzysztof LORYS (Poland)
  • Yuri MATIYASSEVICH (Russia), the chairman
  • Jean-Pierre RESSAYRE (France)
  • Denis RICHARD (France)
  • Maxim VSEMIRNOV (Russia)
  • Dmitri KARPOV
  • Yuri MATIYASEVICH (Head)
  • Elena NOVIKOVA
  • Vladimir OREVKOV
  • Alexei PASTOR
Working LANGUAGE: English
SUBMISSION of papers:
To this goal the facilities of Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts will be used. If you wish to present a paper, please, submit an (extended) abstract via
following the instruction on this site. The deadline for submission is March 15, 2002, notification not later than April 10. Late submissions could be exceptionally considered but in such a case there might be problems with visas/accomodations.
Please, do it via
Participation FEE:
The fee will cover common meals and coffee breaks (no return for possibly non-taken meals). The fee equivalent to 120USD can be paid on arrival.
PLACE of the meeting:
The "21th DAYS" will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute (which now is a part of St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences). The building of the EIMI is situated at 10, Pesochnaya embankment.
It is suggested that all participants stay at the nearby hotel of the Palace of Youth (this is a standard place of living for visitors to the EIMI).
Current prices (slight increase is possible): If you prefer to stay at another hotel (more or less expensive, or closer to the center of the city), the Organizing Committee will help you to find such accomodation.
Please, take into account that June is high tourist season in St.Petersburg so rooms should be booked early enough (preferably 2-2.5 months in advance). You can do it directly or we can do it for you (please, inform us if you are going to share the room with particular person).
Please, take into account that participants from the majority of countries need visas to enrty Russia. After receiving your registration form, the Organizing Committee will issue a proper invitation.
Getting the visa will take some time, so do not delay it to the very last moment.
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