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Program of the 21st Days of Weak arithmetics

St.Petersburg, Russia

June 7-9, 2002

Friday, June 7

10:00-12:00First session
10:10-10:40Jean-Pierre Ressayre,
Boughattas Sedki
10:40-10:55Coffee break
10:55-11:25Alexandra ShlapentokhExistential Definability with Bounds on Archimedean Valuations
11:30-12:00Chris PollettOn the Bounded Version of Hilbert's Tenth Problem
14:00-16:35Second session
 14:00-14:30Charlampos Cornaros,
Constantinos Dimitracopoulos
A Note on End Extensions
14:30-14:45Coffee break
14:45-15:15Christophe TroestlerEquivalence of Scalar- and Vector- recursion for BSS Machines
15:20-15:50Dmitry Koval,
Leonid Lisovik
The Class of Continuous Functions Given by Strict Finite R-transducers is not too Simple
15:50-16:05Coffee break
16:05-16:35Henri-Alex EsbelinModular Exponential in Recursive and Weak Arithmetic Complexity Classes

Saturday, June 8

9:00-10:50Special session on relations with biology
 9:00-9:505Mikhail GelfandComputational Biology
9:50-10:10Coffee break
10:10-10:50Gregory KucherovRepetitions in Genomes
18:30-..Meeting's dinner

Sunday, June 9

9:30-12:05Third session
 9:30-10:00Daniele Beauquier,
Alexander Rabinovich,
Anatol Slissenko
A Logic of Probability with Decidable Model-checking
10:45-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30Anatoly BeltiukovConstructive Second Order Weak Arithmetic with Extracting Polynomial Time Algorithms
11:35-12:05Oleg Eterevsky,
Maxim Vsemirnov
On the Number of Prime Divisors of Higher-Order Carmichael Numbers
14:00-16:40Fourth session
 14:00-14:30Kamila BendovaTheory with Multiplication and Ordering as a Theory of N
14:30-14:45Coffee break
14:45-15:15Karine Shahbazyan,
Yuri Shoukourian
Logically Definable Languages of Computations in one Class of Flow Event Structures
15:20-15:50Nikolai Kossovski,
Tatyana Kossovskaya
On Complexity of Decidability of Constant Modulo Arithmetic
15:50-16:05Coffee break
16:05-16:35Tatiana Azhimova
(read by A. Beltiukov)
Multidomain algebra of Database with ER-model
16:40-..Working meeting of INTAS project WP-447

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