Call for Papers

15th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms (SEA 2016)

June 5-8, 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia

SEA (Symposium on Experimental Algorithms), previously known as WEA (Workshop on Experimental Algorithms), is an international forum for researchers in the area of design, analysis, and experimental evaluation and engineering of algorithms, as well as in various aspects of computational optimization and its applications. The preceding symposia were held in Riga, Monte Verità, Rio de Janeiro, Santorini, Menorca Island, Rome, Cape Cod, Dortmund, Ischia Island, Crete, Bordeaux, Rome, Copenhagen and Paris. SEA aims to attract papers from both the CS and the OR/Mathematical Programming communities.

The main theme of the symposium is the role of experimentation and of algorithm engineering techniques in the design and evaluation of algorithms and data structures. Submissions should present significant contributions supported by experimental evaluation, methodological issues in the design and interpretation of experiments, the use of (meta-) heuristics, or application-driven case studies that deepen the understanding of the complexity of a problem.


Times AoE (Anywhere on Earth):
Abstract submission: January 26, 2016.
Full paper submission: February 2, 2016.
Acceptance notification: March 11, 2016.
Camera-ready version: March 25, 2016.
Conference dates: June 5-8, 2016.


Contributions solicited cover a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Algorithm Engineering
  • Algorithmic Libraries
  • Algorithmic Mechanism Design
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies
  • Approximation Techniques
  • Bioinformatics
  • Branch-and-Bound Algorithms
  • Combinatorial and Irregular Problems
  • Combinatorial Structures and Graphs
  • Communication Networks
  • Complex Networks
  • Computational Geometry
  • Computational Learning Theory
  • Computational Optimization
  • Computer Systems
  • Cryptography and Security
  • Data Streams
  • Data Structures
  • Distributed and Parallel Algorithms
  • Evaluation of Algorithms for Realistic Environments
  • Experimental Techniques and Statistics
  • Graph Drawing
  • Heuristics for Combinatorial Optimization
  • Implementation, Testing, Evaluation and Fine-tuning
  • Information Retrieval
  • Integer Programming
  • Logistics and Operations Management
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Metaheuristic Methodologies
  • Multiple Criteria Decision Making
  • Network Analysis
  • Novel Applications of Algorithms in Other Disciplines
  • Online Problems
  • Parallel Algorithms and Computing
  • Railway Optimization using Algorithmic Methods
  • Randomized Techniques
  • Robotics
  • Semidefinite Programming
  • Simulation
  • Software Repositories and Platforms for using Algorithms
  • Telecommunications and Networking
  • World-Wide-Web Algorithms


To be announced


Ittai Abraham

Maxim Babenko

Daniel Bienstock

Daniel Delling

Paola Festa

Stefan Funke

Andrew V. Goldbergchair

Dan Halperin

Michael Junger

Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela

Petra Mutzel

Tomasz Radzik

Ilya Razenshteyn

Rajeev Raman

Mauricio G. C. Resende

Peter Sanders

David B. Shmoys

Daniele Vigo

Neal Young


Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Local organizers: Alexander S. Kulikov, Alexander Smal.


Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract or a full paper of at most 12 pages, not including references, in the LNCS format (LaTeX, as pdf; final version with source); instructions are here:

Proofs and other material omitted due to space constraints are to be put into a clearly marked appendix to be read at discretion of the referees. Papers must present original (and not previously published) research. Simultaneous submission to journals or to other conferences with published proceedings is not allowed. The proceedings of the symposium will be published in Springer's LNCS series.

Submissions should be uploaded to the EasyChair Conference system:


Web:, Alexander S. Kulikov