Вторник 23.06. Graham Priest: "Perspectives on the Universe"

Вторник, 23 июня, Zoom. Начало в 18:30.

Докладчик: Graham Priest (Graduate Center, City University of New York).

Тема: Perspectives on the Universe.


Joel Hamkins has advanced a well known view to the effect that there is no unique universe of sets. There is simply a plurality of such universes. We have, then, a pluriverse. A natural objection to this view is that there is still a single universe: the totality, V, in which all the members of the pluriverse find themselves. In this paper I consider a reply to the objection, to the effect that there is no such thing as V in itself. Rather, each member of the pluriverse simply gives a different perspective on what V is like. This view is then generalised in the light of mathematical pluralism. What emerges is a vastly expanded, and logic-neutral view of the pluriverse.


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