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Compilation issues

At the moment, the mixed boolean-algebraic solver (BASolver) does not have a sophisticated installation system; instead, it is distributed in sources which need to be compiled by standard *nix tools.

Software requirements:

  • Gnu C++ compiler (gcc) version 3.0 or newer.
  • gnu make.
  • boost C++ library version 1.30.2 or newer (available from
  • Gnu gengetopt version 2.5 or newer (available from (please note that your standard C library should support getopt_long which is the case for Linux glibc. Instructions on how to compile the code on platforms that do not support this call can be found at
  • our make system relies on the system ability to create symbolic links (any *nix-like operating system does that).
  • Documentation is produced by means of doxygen (available from

To (re)build basolver, type

make [version]
in the top-level directory of the solver distribution (not in src/ subdirectory), where version can be either debug (default), profile, release, or static (the latter makes a static release version). This creates an executable file ./bin/basolver.[version] (however, there is no ".release" suffix for the release version).

To make a library, type

make solverlib
It creates a file ./bin/basolver.a. Use it together with the header solve.h.