Hirsch, E. A., Two new upper bounds for SAT.
Proceedings of SODA'98, pp.521-530.

Abstract. In 1980 B. Monien and E. Speckenmeyer proved that satisfiability of a propositional formula consisting of K clauses can be checked in time of the order 2K/3. Recently O. Kullmann and H. Luckhardt proved the bound 2L/9, where L is the length of the input formula. The algorithms leading to these bounds (like many other SAT algorithms) are based on splitting, i.e. they reduce SAT for a formula F to SAT for several simpler formulas F1, F2, ... , Fm. These algorithms simplify each of F1, F2, ... , Fm. according to some transformation rules such as the elimination of pure literals, the unit propagation rule etc. In this paper we present a new transformation rule and two algorithms using this rule. These algorithms have the bounds 20.30897K and 20.10537L respectively.

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