From 2007, I'm running the Computer Science Club. The Club was founded with the help of Anton Likhodedov. The Club is currently supported by Anton Likhodedov (Deutsche Bank) and Yury Bogdanov (Rigmora Holdings). The main goal of the Club is to provide undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals, access to high quality education in the area of Computer Science. Lectures by St. Petersburg, Moscow and foreign instructors and researchers are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays at Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg. The core courses are graded and typically have a final exam. Some of the city universities allow their students to use Club course credits towards their Computer Science degree requirements. Attendance is open to everyone and is free of charge. Since 2007, more than 1000 undergraduate and graduate students took advantage of the Club's courses. In 2011, a branch was open in Ekaterinburg.

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In 2011, the Club became a part of the Computer Science Center, it was founded together with the Academy of Modern Software Engineering and Yandex School of Data Analysis. The Center offers two or three years educational program in Computer Science for motivated students from St. Petersburg. The basic courses include among others: discrete mathematics, asymptotic analysis, algorithms and data structures, programming languages, complexity theory, data bases, hardware architecture, parallel programming, compilers, game theory, image and video analysis, machine learning. Besides courses the center offers research and development projects. The program is free of charge, but students go through a selection process. The center is supported by JetBrains and Yandex as well as by Anton Likhodedov and Yury Bogdanov.

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