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a book written by Yuri MATIYASEVICH

[The cover] Russian original:
Ю. В. Матиясевич
Десятая проблема Гильберта
Наука , Москва, 1993
[The cover] English translation:
Yuri V. Matiyasevich
Hilbert's Tenth Problem
The MIT Press, Cambridge, London, 1993
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[The cover] Traduction française:
Youri Matiiassevitch
Le dixième problème de Hilbert.
Son indécidabilité
MASSON Editeur, Paris, 1995 
[The cover] Greek translation:
Γιουρι Ματιγισεβιτζ
Το δεκατο προβλημα του Hilbert
EURYALOS editions, Αθηνα, 2022

The tenth Problem is one of the 23 problems posed by David Hilbert in his famous lecture "Mathematical Problems". Here you can find the statement of the problem in many languages.

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