A visual Sieve for Prime Numbers

invented by Yuri MATIYASEVICH and Boris STECHKIN

This HTML paper was written especially for Personal Journal of Yuri MATIYASEVICH.

The straight line connecting points < i2,-i> and < j2,j > (lying on the parabolla x=y2) crosses the x-axis at the point with of abscissa ij. Thus, if we connect all such points for i,j=2,3,..., then all composite numbers will be "crossed out" from the positive part of the axis of abscissas.
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The first author suggested to use the above stated property of parabolla for constructing a nomogramm for multiplication in Kvant, 5(1971), p.25, ISSN 0130-2221. The idea to use it for visualization of prime numbers is due to the seconf author.

The above graphic files were produced by MATHEMATICA.

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