Formats of files
used on WWW site of Yuri Matiyasevich

"plain" format, used mainly for data to be read by "every" computer algebra system
.dvi standard output of TeX systems, to be read on screen or printed by corresponding DVIdrivers
.gif standard picture format,
usually can be viewed directly by browser
.gif.gz standard picture format, compressed by UNIX utility gzip; most browsers can be instructed to uncompress the file and show the picture

native WWW file. At present I adhere to HTML 3.2 standard (known as Wilbur), recent versions of main browsers understand it
.nb MATHEMATICA notebook, can be proceeded by MATHEMATICA starting from version 3.0. Also can be viewed by free MATHEMATICA Reader
.ps PostScript file to be printed on printers understanding this language. With corresponding software can be viewed on screen and printed on non-PostScript printers
.ps.gz PostScript file, compressed by UNIX utility gzip
.tex LaTex2.09 or LaTex2e file
.txt "plain" text file

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