Reduction of an arbitrary Diophantine equation to one in 13 unknowns

published by Yuri MATIYASEVICH and Julia ROBINSON

in Acta Arithmetica, XXVII (1975), pages 521-549; MR 52, #8033.

The main result of the paper was improved by the first author to 9 unknowns (see Some purely mathematical results inspired by mathematical logic in Proc. Fifth Intern. Congr. Logic, Methodology and Philos. of Sci. (London, Ont., 1975), pages 121-127. Reidel, 1977. MR 58, #5508; detailed proof can be found in the paper of James P. Jones Universal Diophantine equation in Journal of Symbolic Logic, 47(3):549-571, 1982).

The story of the work on this paper is presented by the first author in My collaboration with Julia Robinson.

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