MATHEMATICA program for calculation of generalized Chebyshev polynomials

written by Yuri Matiyasevich


A plane tree is specified by listing its edges in a counter-clockwise order, each edge is listed twice (see examples at the end of the program).

At first your should evaluate the cell defining ListEdges, and perform CheckTree. Optional TheGraph will draw the tree (not dessign d'enfant yet!).

The actual computation is performed by Main. Running optional Progress will animate the process of calculation. When the calculation is over, you'll have the following values:

After the calculation is over, the dessin d'enfant of the last calculated tree can be drawn by executing ShowFinal[].

There are several parameters (such as WorkPrec) that might need adjustment in the case of a tree with large number of vertices.

The program was checked with MATHEMATICA version 9, but most likely it would run with some earlier versions as well.