Here is my CV (June 2007) and research statement (November 2006).

I was born in 1984 in St.Petersburg, Russia. I did my undergraduate studies at St.Petersburg State University and graduate studies at Steklov Institute of Mathematics. My supervisor was Yuri Matiyasevich. In May 2007 I obtained my PhD degree, so from September 2007 I am starting my postdoc at Caltech.

Here is my personal blog yury_lifshits (in Russian).

My father Mikhail Lifshits is a matematician working in probability theory.

Website csin·ru devoted to Russian computer science community I started with my friends.
A podcast representing some of my talks and lectures (Ru/Eng).
Photo pictures I took.
My profile at
My profile at
My profile at
Some of my publications in Scholar.Google.
Some of my publications in DBLP.