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Related meetings: Related materials: Implementations: Datasets: Other pointers: Some deadlines of related conferences: WSDM'08 (6/08/07), FoIKS'08 (21/08/07), STACS'08 (14/09/07), LATIN'08 (21/09/07), ECIR'08 (01/10/07), SDM'08 (12/10/07), WWW'08 (01/11/07), STOC'08 (Nov'07), SIGMOD'08 (9/11/07), SISAP'08 (1/12/07), PODS'08 (5/12/07), CSR'08 (Dec'07), SoCG'08 (Dec'07), SIGIR'08 (21/01/08), ICML, UAI and COLT'08 (Jan'08), ICALP'08 (10/02/08), KDD'08 (Feb'08), TREC'08 (Mar'08), VLDB'08 (7/04/2008), FOCS'08 (Apr'08), APPROX/RANDOM'08 (Apr'08), ESA'08 (Apr'08), ICDM'08 (May'08), CIKM'08 (May'08), Nearest Neighbors Workshop (May'08), MIR'08 (June'08), ICMLA'08 (June'08), NIPS'08 (June'08), SODA'09 (July'08),