Andrey Andreevich Markov (1903-1979)

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Markov Centennial Conference

Conference in New York dedicated to A.A.Markov's Centenary
Markov's School (currently available only in Russian)
Constructive Mathematics
Memories of colleagues, friends and students
List of articles and books by A.A. Markov
Markov's poetry
Family Album 1
Family Album 2
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Mathematical Album 1
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Rare documents from Markov's family archive
Notes on "Set Theory" course by A.A. Markov recorded by N.N. Vorobiev (in Russian, via. N.N. Vorobiev (Jr))
History of Logic Depertment, Moscow University
Andrey Andreevich Markov (1903-1979) was a Russian mathematician, a founder of the Russian school of constructive mathematics and logic.

Graduated from Leningrad University in 1924. In 1933-1955 worked in Leningrad University (a Professor since 1936). In 1936-1942 and 1944-1953 a Head of the Department of Geometry, Leningrad University.

In 1939-1972 a member of the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences. In 1953 elected a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences. In 1959-1979 a Head of the Department of Mathematical Logic, Moscow University.

The major areas of Markov's mathematical achievement are topology, topological algebra, dynamical systems, theory of algorithms and constructive mathematics. He proved undecidability of the homeomorphism problem in topology, introduced the notion of a normal algorithm.

This page is devoted to Markov's centenial. Here you can find many photos from Markov family archive, including 19th century pictures of his famous father, Andrey Markov (Sr.), and the rest of the family, many photos from various conferences, pictures of Markov made by his students, the texts of Markov's poems, Markov's voice reading the poems, rare documents from Markov's archive, memories of his students and colleagues, and also some mathematics..