Russian Chapter of European Association for Theoretical Computer Science

Purpose and Scope

Russian Chapter of European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (RCEATCS) is a part of European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS). The objectives of Russian Chapter are promoting and encouraging research, publishing, education, meetings related to theoretical computer science, explaining and communicating traditions and current developments of theoretical computer science to other scientists, authorities and the general public. Russian Chapter also intends to cooperate with other associations in the field of theoretical computer science and related fields.


The Chapter Statute is written both in Russian and in English, both versions having the same power. It is approved by the Council of EATCS. Amendments to the Statute should be sent to the Statute Committee: Mikhail Vyalyi (head), Alexander Rubtsov, Vladimir Podolskii, Mansur Ziatdinov.


To become a member of RCEATCS, an individual must fulfil the following requirements:
  1. Be a member of EATCS.
  2. Present a brief recommendation letter from two members of RCEATCS or one member of its Council or publish at least one paper in a series sponsored by EATCS or RCEATCS, including the International Computer Science Symposium in Russia (CSR).
  3. Support the objectives of RCEATCS.
The recommendation letters, the list of publications, and a brief CV must be submitted to the public relations officer of RCEATCS electronically. The Council approves the membership.

Current Members

List of current members.


Russian Chapter is headed by its Council consisting of the President (currently Nikolay Vereshchagin, Moscow, term until 10.07.2021), the Vice-President (currently Mikhail Volkov, Ekaterinburg, term until 01.04.2022), and the Public Relations Officer (currently Daniil Musatov, Moscow, term until 31.07.2023).


All correspondence should be addressed to the Public Relation Officer by email (username: rceatcs, server: gmail).