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Shanin N.A.
written by G.Mints

May 25, 1919, Pskov, Russia
Educational Record
1946 (Mathematics)
1942 (Mathematics)
Leningrad University, 1939
Research and Teaching
1946-2011 Leningrad/St.Petersburg State University
1945-2011 Steklov Math. Institute, Leningrad/St.Petersburg
1941-1945 Red Army
Titles and Awards
1995 Honoured Soros Professor
Membership of Professional Organization
Member of St.Petersburg Mathematical Society.

On the occasion of N. A. Shanin's 90th birthday, his colleagues created a tree representing N. A. Shanin's mathematical genealogy, from the fourteenth century to the twenty-first. You can download the tree by clicking its thumbnail on the left.

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