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Saturday, June 7
10:00-11:00Opening lecture: Shafi Goldwasser. The Cryptographic Lens
11:00-11:35Magnus Find. On the Complexity of Computing Two Nonlinearity Measures
11:35-12:00Coffe break
12:00-12:35Vladimir Krupski. Primal implication as encryption
12:35-13:10Invited talk: V. Arvind, S. Raja and A.V. Sreejith. On Lower Bounds for Multiplicative Circuits and Linear Circuits in Noncommutative Domains
13:10-15:00Lunch ad libitum
15:00-16:00Invited talk: Benjamin Rossman. Formulas vs. Circuits
16:00-16:30Coffe break
16:30-17:05Nikolay Vereshchagin. Randomized communication complexity of approximating Kolmogorov complexity
17:05-17:40Abhishek Bhrushundi, Sourav Chakraborty and Raghav Kulkarni. Property Testing Bounds for Linear and Quadratic Functions via Parity Decision Trees
18:00-20:00Social Program: city center walking tour by Daniil Musatov (route: Arbat pedestrian street, Vozdvizhenka, the Kremlin, Red Square
Sunday, June 8
09:30-10:30Invited talk: Volker Diekert (joint with Artur Jez and Wojciech Plandowski). Finding All Solutions of Equations in Free Groups and Monoids with Involution
10:30-11:05Huiwen Yu and Martin Fürer. Space Saving by Dynamic Algebraization
11:05-11:30Coffe break
11:30-12:05Henning Fernau and Juan A. Rodriguez. Notions of metric dimension of corona products: combinatorial and computational results
12:05-12:40Barnaby Martin and Juraj Stacho. Constraint Satisfaction with Counting Quantifiers 2
12:40-14:30Lunch ad libitum
14:30-18:30Social program: a bus tour to "Kolomenskoye" (a former royal estate situated several kilometers to the southeast of the downtown, on the ancient road leading to the town of Kolomna)
19:00Conference dinner
Monday, June 9
09:30-10:30Invited talk: Alexei Semenov (joint with Sergey Soprunov and Vladimir Uspensky). The Lattice of Definability. Origins, Recent Developments, and Further Direction
10:30-11:05Paweł Parys. First-Order Logic on CPDA Graphs
11:05-11:30Coffe break
11:30-12:05Milka Hutagalung and Martin Lange. Model Checking for String Problems
12:05-12:40Stéphane Demri, Didier Galmiche, Dominique Larchey-Wendling and Daniel Méry. Separation Logic with One Quantified Variable
12:40-14:30Lunch ad libitum
14:30-15:30Invited talk: Igor Walukiewicz. Transfer theorems
15:30-16:05Lukas Fleischer, Manfred Kufleitner and Alexander Lauser. Block Products and Nesting Negations in FO^2
16:05-16:30Coffe break
16:30-17:05Bakhadyr Khoussainov, Frank Stephan, Sanjay Jain, Dan Teng and Siyuan Zou. Semiautomatic structures
17:05-17:40Rupam Acharyya, Sourav Chakraborty and Nitesh Jha. Counting Popular Matchings in House Allocation Problems
18:00-20:30Social Program: a tour to Sparrow Hills by Daniil Musatov (trip by metro, then walking route: Sparrow Hills park, Sparrow Hills viewpoint, Moscow State university campus)
Tuesday, June 10
09:30-10:30Invited talk: Martin Grohe. Algorithmic Meta Theorems for Sparse Graph Classes
10:30-11:05Saeed Akhoondian Amiri, Ali Golshani, Stephan Kreutzer and Sebastian Siebertz. Vertex Disjoint Paths in Upward Planar Graphs
11:05-11:30Coffe break
11:30-12:05Anudhyan Boral, Marek Cygan, Tomasz Kociumaka and Marcin Pilipczuk. Fast Branching Algorithm for Cluster Vertex Deletion
12:05-12:40Heidi Jazmin Romero Gonzalez and Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz. A Parameterized Algorithm for Packing Overlapping Subgraphs
12:40-14:30Lunch ad libitum
14:30-15:05Julia Schüler and Andreas Spillner. Crossing-free spanning trees in visibility graphs of points between monotone polygonal obstacles
15:05-15:40Jenish C. Mehta. Dynamic Complexity of Planar 3-connected Graph Isomorphism
15:40-16:00Coffe break
16:00-16:35Victor Pan. Fast Approximate Computations with Cauchy Matrices, Polynomials and Rational Functions
16:35-17:10Markus Lohrey and Manfred Schmidt-Schauss. Processing Succinct Matrices and Vectors
17:10-17:30Coffe break
17:30-18:30Business meeting: a few words about the PC work, organization and statistics of CSR-2014, Yandex Best Paper awards and research in Yandex (Yandex representative Andrey Raigorodsky), news about CSR-2015, discussion on the future of CSR.
18:30-...Russian Association for Theoretical Computer Science, organizational meeting
Wednesday, June 11
9:30-10:30Invited talk: Mark Braverman. Error-correction for interactive computation
10:30-11:00Coffe break
11:00-11:35Akinori Kawachi, Benjamin Rossman and Osamu Watanabe. The Query Complexity of Witness Finding
11:35-12:10Konrad Schwerdtfeger. The Connectivity of Boolean Satisfiability: Dichotomies for Formulas and Circuits
12:10-14:00Lunch ad libitum
14:00-14:35Martijn Baartse and Klaus Meer. Testing low degree trigonometric polynomials
14:35-15:10Max Rabkin. Recognizing two-sided contexts in cubic time
15:10-15:45Stefan Edelkamp and Armin Weiß. QuickXsort: Efficient Sorting with n log n - 1.399n + o(n) Comparisons on Average
15:45-16:00Conference closing, farewell