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Teaching activities

Probabilistic Learning

In the spring of 2007 I'm teaching the "Probabilistic Learning" course. The course is coupled with a seminar, and the seminar materials will also appear here.

The course materials (all slides and lecture notes are in Russian):

1. Introduction. Probability theory and Bayesian inference.
Slides (.pdf, 642kb)
2. Bayesian inference by brute force. Exact marginalization by integration.
Slides (.pdf, 630kb)
3. Bayesian inference and coding theory. Error correcting as MAP hypothesis search.
Slides (.pdf, 391kb)
4. General sum-product algorithm for marginalization. Laplace approximations.
Slides (.pdf, 451kb)
5. Monte–Carlo methods: sampling. Markov chains, MCMC, Metropolis–Hastings, slice sampling.
Slides (.pdf, 551kb)
6. Hidden Markov models. Introduction, main tasks, their solutions. Baum–Welch algorithm.
Slides (.pdf, 455kb)
7. Hidden Markov models II. HMM with continuous observables, autoregressive models, HMM comparison, MMI and MDI criteria.
Slides (.pdf, 478kb)
8. Bayesian approach to neural networks. Adapting learning speed. Learning neural networks as Bayesian inference. Gaussian processes and splines.
Slides (.pdf, 712kb)
9. Hopfield networks.
Slides (.pdf, 343kb)
Selected references
  1. David J. C. MacKay. Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms. Cambridge University Press, 2003.